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Framingham Elks

Posted by Robert Evans on Oct 28, 2013 8:38:00 PM

The Framingham Elks needed a roof. Upon inspection of the existing roof there was a large amount of standing water it was determined that the roof was not pitched to the drains. A tapered insulation from Firestone was designed to pitch water to the drains. Not only was the roof not pitched right there was no insulation in the old roof. With the new tapered deck an average R-value of 22 was obtained bring the roof up to code. New .040 shop fabricated bronze aluminum was installed around roof edge.

Another design flaw was the HVAC duct work penetrated the roof through the shingle section was not flashed properly. We wrapped the duct work with insulation and white rubber to help with cooling in the summer.

The shingle section was stripped and reshingled with GAF Timberline shingles which have a life time guarantee. photo 15 resized 600photo 17 resized 600photo 13 resized 600photo 12 resized 600

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Pitch Pocket

Posted by Robert Evans on Mar 29, 2013 7:54:00 AM

Installation of a pitch pocket on a commerical roof in Needham. New HVAC untis were being installed on the roof and the best way to flash around the posts is to use the Firestone peel and stick pitch pocket.After the pitch pocket is installed Firestone two part porable sealer is than pored into pictch resized 600photopitch2 resized 600pitch 3 resized 600

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We Work all Four Seasons at Robert Evans Contracting

Posted by Robert Evans on Dec 10, 2012 9:44:00 AM

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Robert Evans Jr Contracting , INC.
Whether it's a 50,000 square foot building, or a 1200 square foot home you simply have to be covered no matter the Season- Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall,We Work all Four Seasons !! Plus, with rising costs, you don't want yoRoof being about to be stripedur heating bills to go through the roof. Hence, it's very important to make sure your roof is replaced when needed, accurately installed and adequately maintained. That's where Robert Evans Jr Contracting, Inc comes in. With more than 22 years in business, we've built our sterling reputation on quality workmanship and years of customer satisfaction.

The family at Robert Evans Jr Contracting, Inc. strives to provide the highest level of professionalism, quality, and customer service, that is unrivaled in the roofing industry. NO matter if its a hot sweltering mid-summer day or cold blustery winter morning, our crew is prepared for all the elements and We stand behind all of our work, and go beyond expectations to insure that every customer is completely satisfied and every roof is successfully installed. With a Quality Control Supervisor on evey roof that is being worked on.

To continue to grow and build our reputation as the number one choice in professional roofing, through providing unsurpassed service, honesty, quality workmanship, and complete customer satisfaction.

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Posted by Robert Evans on Mar 1, 2012 8:20:00 PM

This is a fine example of COO Danny MacDonald hard at work.  Danny is not only the backbone of sales at Evans Contracting but a significant element to the demanding labor.

On a recent job Danny replaced soffit and fascia demonstrating his knowledge of the product and installation process.  At Evan's Contracting we try to differentiate ourselves from other companies by having our sales and service be one in the same.  Danny has a thorough understanding of both the products we sell and the installation processes because he does the physical labor.  His well rounded backround makes him a great salesman and he can assist customers better than one who has never seen the top of a roof.  Danny's experience gives him a competitive advantage and more importantly eases the customer's mind.

It is beneficial to the company and to the customer to have well educated and trained employees.  The customer's will buy with no remorse if they are presented all options and work with confident contractors.    Robert Evan's Jr. Contracting prides itself in consistent and quality work; this starts with consistent and quality employees. photo[2] resized 600

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Certainteed Roof

Posted by Robert Evans on Apr 21, 2011 3:25:00 PM

Customer in the metrowest area contacted us beceause she was see pieces of her roof all over the yard. Upon inspection it was obvious that a new roof was needed. The customer just wanted to match the color of the old roof.

We used Certainteed Landmark Resawn wood. The standard eight inch aluminum drip edge was used, six feet of Certainteed ice and water and three feet in the valleys.The house did not have ridge vent so we installed Cobra ridge vent.describe the imagedescribe the image

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New roof

Posted by Robert Evans on Apr 15, 2011 6:59:00 PM

DSCN1749 resized 600Spring has began and the rush is on to get your roof done. After the brutal winter and all the ice dams people are starting early to get their roof project completed instead of waiting until fall.

One such project is a roof recently completed in Framingham. Certainteed 30 Landmark shingles nailed with 1 1/4 inch galvinized roof nails over six feet of ice and water barrier and 15 lb tar paper.

There is one part of the job that is very important that a lot of roofing contractors fail at; the clean up. After the bulk of the old shingles are removed and thrown in the dumpster. It is very important to run a magnet over the grounds to remove the loose nails, especially in the driveway. Most of the time the home owners don't even notice their roof, but they do know when their grounds are a mess or when somebody steps on a nail.


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new roof

Posted by Robert Evans on Apr 11, 2011 5:10:00 PM

DSCN1744 resized 600DSCN1745 resized 600Recently installed roof in Natick had some surprises for the crew with some damaged wood. As the two existing layers of roof were DSCN1747 resized 600removed it was discovered that there was some rotted wood. It was an older house so it had roof boards as opposed to plywood. The rotten wood was removed and replaced with new spruce 2x8. There was know damage to the rafters. Subsequently six feet of ice and water barrier was installed and 15 lb tar paper on the remainder. The home owner chose Certainteed Landmark shingle as for there new roof. 

All Certainteed laminated shingles now have life time warranty on the materials.

Cobra ridge vent was installed at the peak for greater air flow.


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roof installation

Posted by Robert Evans on Dec 7, 2010 7:02:00 PM

This is the before and after pictures of a new roof being installed on a house in Sudbury Mass.. Being as this is a mansard roof, ice and water must be installed on the steep pitched area.  This is an area that is very susceptible to snow and ice build up. Cobra ridge vent was installed at the peak of roof in order to help prevent ice dams from forming. Certainteed 30 year Landmark shingles were installed with an AR rating. The AR means that the shingles are algae resistent, where this house is in a wood area this will prevent algae from growing.The process Cetainteed uses is coating the granules on the shingles with copper preventing the algae from growing.describe the imagedescribe the image

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roofing metrowest

Posted by Robert Evans on Nov 29, 2010 4:44:00 PM

We have recently completed a new Certainteed roof and vinyl siding job in Natick mass. The home owner picked the siding and roofing to together because the siding has a life time warranty and the roof has a 30 year warranty. Guaranteeing them that they will never have to paint there house and be free from leaks as long as they own it.describe the image

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